Advancing the human raceAdvancing the human race

Having consistent philosophy and using our technologies, we will eliminate wastefulness of human resources from all aspects of the world, proactively constructing an efficient society.

In order to enhance individual capacity of value production and provision, we will do whatever we can.

The way we achieve them is to be also efficient and straight forward.

Even when it would be small steps, step by step, We keep going the way to the goal.


Be Humorous
Be serious about quality and outputs, but be free not to insist on the processes.
Be Unique
Have a creed, and be individuals no one can imitate.
Be Ambitious
Always aim higher, without setting limits.


Company Xbit, Inc.
Address Japan Tokyo Shinagawa-Ku Nigashigotanda 7-22-17
Employees 15
Establishment April 1, 2016
CEO Kosaku Kokubo